5 Low Calorie Bread Choices For Results

Bread and cards are normally the first things to get the boot in a fat loss nutrition plan.
Not only do you not need to elimiate carbs from your diet, you can actually have them every day.

Your choice of carbs and maintaining a calorie deficit are the most important things.
Once you manage your calorie intake, you can lose fat while eating bread and other carbs.

Heres our top 5 low(er) calorie bread choices, which are freely available in supermarkets.


1. Slimsters Multigrain Square Breads









Calories: 99kcal
Bought: Dunnes Stores

From what i’ve seen, these burger buns come in about five varietys across different brands.
Each bun has only 99 calories.







2. All Natural Slims Multigrain Pops











Calories: 15kcal per pop
Bought: Supervalu


3. Fitzgeralds 6 Wholemeal Bagel Slims










Calories per bun: 120kcal
Bought: Tesco

Bagel buns generally have about 250 calories.
These bagels have less than half those calories, at only 120 per bagel.








4. Mccambridges Stoneground Wheat













Calories per slice: 79kcal
Bought: Tesco

As traditional breads go, Mc Cambridges would definitely be one of the lower calorie options.
They’re slices are quite small compared to a regular slice pan but i find they’re best used as a single toasted slice with some poached eggs.

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