How To Eat Out On Flexible Dieting

Are you someone interested in the idea of following a nutritional plan that lets you drop body fat? One that also lets you include the foods you love? While still dropping body fat every single week?

If so, theres a good chance flexible dieting would be a great solution for you.

It basically allows you eat a whole lot more than the typical chicken and broccoli.

Nothing wrong with a bit of chicken and broccoli, but not every day. Its definitely not an essential component of fat loss anyway.

There are zero food restrictions. You just need to structure your food to hit your allocated nutritional goals.

Goals specifically designed for your body and goals. Its pretty straight forward to be honest.

Getting your head around the no food restrictions can be tough to process.

Especially for new clients who are used to nothing but restrictions.

No carb
High protein
Low fat
Paleo etc etc
The list is endless.

One question that regularly pops up is “What about when i eat out?”

What about it..?

Thats the whole purpose of flexible dieting.

This simple guide to eat out flexible style should help.

There are a few different options to get things done here.


#1 – Back to Basics


This simple and effective approach.
Go with your gut.
Order the simplest thing on the menu.
Chicken breast or lean steak, accompanied with grilled veggies.
This way you know what you’re getting, there’s no guess when it comes to other ingredients.
(because there is none).


#2 – Planning The Day


Second, is a smarter approach but takes more time in exchange for more food freedom.
Look at the menu before you go.
Plan what you’ll go for ahead of time, and workout the rest of your day’s nutrition around that meal.
For example, if you’re going out for Italian, you can bet that it’s going to be a carb filled evening.
Pizza, pasta or bread, therefore you need to make sure that the rest of your day is pretty carb free.
Maybe you fancy a burger?
Which means, your looking at a higher fat content, so have a fat free day up until that point.

What you’re trying to do is leave plenty of macros (carbs and fat) for your meal.
Better yet, pick you meal from the menu the day beforehand.
That way you’ll be able to plan the rest of your day around it, and eat accordingly.

Something worth trying is the restaurant’s name in My Fitness Pal.
Ireland’s becoming more health conscious every day.
Most restaurants are logging the foods on the app for people like us.
One last tip, don’t be afraid to ask them for the dressing on the side.
Or to make it without the cheese, most places will happily oblige.


#3 – Go with The Flow


Lastly, this way gives you the most freedom eating out, but this comes at a price of potentially slowing results.
Think calories.
I’m not saying count every single calorie that passes your lips.
I’m just saying think about how you can reduce them over the whole meal.
Don’t tuck into the bread basket, go for side salad over the chips, don’t get desert etc.
It may seem simple but you could cut hundreds, possibly even a thousand calories out.

Think protein.
People are sick of me telling them to think protein every time they eat.
Basing your meal out around lean proteins is going to fill you up and save a few calories.

Eating slowly.
Take your time to eat your food, put your knife and fork down after every few mouthfuls.
Chew slowly. It takes about 20 min for your body to breakdown food and release leptin.
Leptin tells your brain that you’re full.

Which approach is for me?
Gone are the days of avoiding meals with friends, now we have flexibility.
Which approach is best suited to you and your goals?
The three approaches listed above give you options when it comes to eating out.
These options need to be weighed up against your goals and more importantly your progress.

Are you at a stage where you can go with the flow?
Have you been losing fat consistently for the past week or two?

If not, then “Back to Basics” is going to be more conducive to your goals.
What stage are you at?

Need help putting this all together?

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