Whats The Right Diet For You?


If you’re a female who has struggled with fat loss, it’s a scary word.
No social occasions.
Extreme hunger.

In this blog post I’m going to help you discover the key to your ideal physique.
The one that lets you drop body fat easily.
The one that lets you feel totally confident rocking that bikini this summer.
The one that lets you have a life, while making real and sustainable fat loss progress.

Sound good?

We tend to view diets as negative experiences don’t we?
Experiences that for most of you reading this, have been no craic and probably resulted in no sustained fat loss.

Am I right?

Maybe you dropped some fat on your last diet, but did you keep it off?
Did you have to sacrifice social occasions for some fat loss?
Periods of bland food, no fun and mediocre results.

Does dropping fat require sacrifice? Yes.
Does it require sacrificing your life? Definitely not.


Introducing – Flexible Dieting.


Most of our Inner Circle girls are on some variation of Flexible Dieting.
It allows them drop body fat every single week, while including the foods they love.

It’s a long-term, sustainable and realistic fat loss solution.

You don’t need to banish yourself you a life of celery to lose fat.

Did you know you’ll lose more fat by sticking to a moderately effective nutritional plan 100% of the time, than doing a very effective plan 50% of the time?

It makes sense but that logic doesn’t transfer when were in a hurry to lose fat.


What if there was a very effective nutritional plan you COULD stick to 80-100% of the time?

One that let you include the foods you love, while giving you the certainty that you will drop fat.

That’s what flexible dieting is.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about the 2 levels of dieting for fat loss.


Level 1 – Basic Fat Loss

This is the category most fat loss clients who are new to training fall into.


It doesn’t involve having wash board abs or even wanting to look like a cover model.

It simply means losing a bit of weight, being healthier and getting a bit less jiggly.

The would be a typical female who wants to drop a dress size of two. Maybe a size 16/14 to 14/12.


You wont have to suffer and struggle too much but sometimes you’ll be a little peckish.

You may have to make a tough choice at the company lunch.

Should I have the steak, fries and beer like the ceo?

Should I get the grilled chicken and rice with tomato sauce?

Or worst case the burger in a bowl?

All you need here is a small calorie restriction.

That and the knowledge to make a few sensible food choices in order to hit your macros.

Happiness, energy levels and motivation generally will be exactly the same.

Matter of fact, as the results roll in, you’ll feel better than you did before.


Level 2 – Getting Lean

Getting lean is the next step and is often referred to as ‘toning up’.

You want to see some abdominal definition, or at least have a flat and firm stomach.

Maybe you want to be the eye candy on the beach.


You’ll have to be a little more focused in your efforts but the rewards are worth it.

Nothing feels as good as being lean.

Getting to the kind of body fat level that turns heads on the beach, is a great motivator.


However, to become this beach babe, your calorie levels will need to drop.

Which can lead to drops in energy levels and mood swings.

This completely depends on your calorie intake and how you cope with dieting overall.


Of course, there are smart ways to manage the process so you’re not hungry all the time.

The quality and composition of your food will play a huge part of this.

Eating bigger, higher volume meals.

Consider Intermittent fasting.

Do some cardio instead of cutting calories.


Save some calories during the day for when you know your hunger cravings will rear their ugly head, can all help make dieting easier.

Does dieting have to be miserable? No.

Does it mean locking yourself in a room away from any hint of a social occasion? No.

You definitely need to be focused.

Manage your diet intelligently and you can live your life and achieve amazing results.


What should you expect as a level 1 or level 2 dieter?

Most of our level 1 clients never feel hungry and have consistent energy and moods levels.

They know how to manage their food for fat loss.

They know how to modify their diet for eating out and social occasions.


Our level 2 clients have a more focused approach to their fat loss.

They have absolute certainty that if they hit their individualised nutritional goals, they will lose fat.

They also know exactly how to modify their diet for social occasions, drinking, dinner out etc.

Their nutritional goals are completely individual to them.

Their body type, activity levels, goals and body composition all play a factor.


So are there any downsides?


Generally, you will tend to experience more downsides the leaner you want to get.

You may experience side effects, depending how your body handles the calorie deficit.

It can be tough but it all depends how lean you want to be.


One last thought – you cant go on a calorie restricted diet for life.

Its not productive or healthy.

Your body will adapt to the calorie restriction and fat loss will stall.

Its important to cycle your calorie restrictions with reverse diet periods.


The idea is that after you’re finished with the diet, you reverse out of it very slowly.

You spend quite some time with a healthy surplus of calories, before dieting down again slowly.

Yo­yoing back and forth between calorie deficits and surpluses will wreak havoc on your body.

It can also undo all of your hard work.

Ill be writing a post showing you how to start that process soon, so watch out for that.


So how do you start?


Above all, consistency is the key to your weight loss.

Without consistency, your weight loss will be minor and short-term.

Decide if you’re a level 1 or level 2 dieter and go from there.


If you’re a level 1 dieter, start with 2-3 minor changes and stick with them.

Build on them every couple of weeks and stick with them.

You’ll be shocked at the progress you make after a few months.

Start by taking up some form of exercise, drinking a litre of water per 25kg bodyweight a day.

Focus on eating about 140 grams of lean proteins per meal (female) or 200 grams per meal (male).

Try to eat a fist size of leafy greens per meal too.

Honestly, if you do that consistently for a few weeks, you’ll see a change.


If you a level 2 dieter, you will need specific nutritional goals, contact us using the form below for more help.

How do I stay motivated?


Make sure your accountability system is in place.

Get weighed, measured or have your body fat percentage assessed every 1-2 weeks.

Keep track of them.

Most importantly, have a well defined goal and a deadline date to achieve it by.

A goal without a deadline isnt a goal, its a dream.


If you need help putting this all together, fill in your details below and we’ll be glad to help.

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