Why Losing Weight Hasn’t Worked In The Past

Now I am guessing, like most of the new clients we take on, you have tried to lose weight with just about every option available, or at least tried one?

Low-fat diets, low-carb diets, you could have even tried Shakes, Pills, Detoxes and Cleanses.

Unfortunately, the process just isn’t sustainable so you while you may initially lose weight, you may even feel great, you just can’t stick to the restrictive diet!

(Especially over the weekend.)

Friday night drinks, the cheeky dessert, then Saturday brunch, maybe a movie, and it’s basically mandatory to eat ice cream at the movies.

You don’t feel too bad because you have been so good all week, everyone deserves some downtime. Before you know it the one “treat” meal that doesn’t fit into your diet turns to three and you have put back on all the weight that you lost and then motivation drops to an all-time low!

You’re frustrated and confused, and you just think to yourself, maybe just can’t lose the weight? Maybe those jeans will never fit?

So here it is…



The reason you are not losing weight, even though you may have been perfect five days out of seven comes down to the number one rule in fat loss…



It doesn’t matter what diet you’re on, whether it be restricting fats, carbs or it’s meal replacement shakes, low days, high days, 5: 2, it’s ALL about restricting calories.

You see fat loss is simply about burning more energy than you eat. Most people get that. You burn energy by simply working, sleeping, training, talking, just about everything has an energy expenditure.



Here’s an example.

Let’s say your daily energy burn is 1900 calories.

If you eat 1500 calories a day, then you will lose approximately 0.5 kilos per week.

What normally happens is you are perfect during the week.


Then the weekend comes around…

You have a wine or two after an exhausting week at work, willpower drops, and there is a cheeky dessert, maybe one ice cream becomes pizza and ice cream…you feel like you deserve it after being so good all week, and work has been extra stressful, you have been so good, you even skipped dessert at yesterday’s dinner.



But all that deprivation means your weekend calories add up much closer to 2500-3000 calories a day. Now if you look back and do the maths, even though you did so well during the week, you are not even in a calorie deficit anymore, in fact you are calorie neutral, which means you don’t lose any weight that week, heck you may even have even gone into a calorie surplus which we all knows means the scale just keeps climbing, and the frustration with it.

So yes, you can gain weight even if you stick to your diet five days out of seven.

This is where frustration slips in, and you just feel like you should give up on this dream body goal that you once had.



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