5 Proven Ways To Control Your Appetite

Hunger is an inevitability during any dieting phase.

No matter efficient your metabolism is or how long you diet for, at some stage or another you are more than likely going to get hungry – for success, for further results, but most of all – FOOD!

Here’s a few things to implement to help you stay on track & stave off hunger:



They’re stupidly low in calories which means more volume. This means you can chew more, fill your stomach up more effectively & ideally avoid the chocolate that doesn’t fit your nutritional goals/macros etc.


Make sure you’re consuming enough fibre. Fibre not only assists with digestion & regularity, it helps keep you fuller for longer. Fibre can be found in foods such as Quest bars, beans, whole grains, brown rice, berries, some fruits, bran cereal, oatmeal & vegetables.


Eat less frequently.Every time you eat, your body produces the hunger hormone. Eating fewer meals throughout the day means you’re producing less of said hormone, not to mention your meals will naturally become larger in order to still hit your overall nutritional goals for the day!


Water, water, water. Aim for 50-60ml per kg of body weight to ensure adequate hydration, superb pumps & to help stave off hunger pains.


Lowering carbs at breakfast.Apart from studies suggesting that doing so *might* result in more optimal fat loss, it also means there will be the opportunity to eat the majority of your carbs later in the day – the time most people typically suffer from hunger the most.
Ultimately, you should hit your daily nutritional goals in accordance with personal preference and practicality though – there’s no need to go out of your way to do this.


Now remember, if you’re trying to lose weight, it matters far less WHAT you eat, than HOW MUCH.
So use this to your advantage when you get HUNGRY.
Sure, that block of chocolate might satisfy you for all of 5 seconds, but is it going to be as effective at satisfying the rumble in your stomach?
Probably not.
Spend that calorie budget wisely when dieting.
Make YOUR diet

It’s what we do on a daily basis.
We make diets work for our clients.
Or rather, allow them to be the master of THEIR OWN DIET.
It is possible to enjoy the foods you love (within moderation)
Without having to feel guilty about it
Without having to jeopardise your hard earned gains or gym progress
Without having to avoid social occasions
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Phil Giffney
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