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The Problem: Personal trainers in Dublin used to be reserved for a select few. It was too expensive. Since then the flood gates have opened up of newly qualified personal trainers, many of whom qualified in a matter of weeks. When you’re looking for a personal trainer in Dublin, you’re very likely to get one that’s either under qualified, too expensive or even worse – both.

The Solution: At RF, we understand that you need the benefits of personal training but in a more affordable small group training model. You need the personal trainer lead sessions, the fat loss specific programming, the tailored nutrition and the accountability and support from our body transformation coaches. We guarantee to provide our personal training Dublin members with the best possible service and deliver the key benefits you need to achieve your goals.

Our coaches not under qualified newbies, they are have real world experience either changing their own physiques and/or clients. Our tried and tested our fat loss techniques have been used on thousands of clients, so you know you’re using a proven and effective fat loss system with guaranteed results or your money back.

Your results are our results so we ensure that you achieve your goals. Secondly, we do it without the use of crash diets and fad training programs! The system we use cuts out the crap and more often than not actually makes people’s lives easier because the methods we use are that effective! We get real world results with, real world training and lifestyle practices so you can not only achieve your goals, you can keep getting those results for life.

Results guaranteed or your money back.


Training should be accessible to everyone and we certainty make that possible with effective and fun training sessions. These are not classes; classes are random and spuratic activity done without an end goal. Our training programs are built to help you get stronger, fitter, more mobile and generally better at any physical activity. This is what we have built our reputation on.

The foundation of our successful training programs are based on strength work. You NEED to lift weights. That’s why at RF we ensure that from beginners who haven’t lifted a weight before to advanced lifters who looking to set personal bests lifts. Technique is everything, you have to earn the ability to lift, and from this you then earn the ability to lift heavier. We teach you in a non intimidating environment, with world class equipment, and world class body transformation coaches.


If you’re reading this im guessing you now know you cant out train a bad diet? Everything that you have heard about nutrition being the most important aspect when it comes to body transformation, is true. That’s why at RF we want to empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to food. We follow the mantra of flexible dieting, and eating to fit your macros. What are Macros? Protein, Carbs and Fats. There we go, lesson one. Further lessons will come in the form of, nutritional coaches, building individual frameworks, seminars, weekly workshops, plus much more. We want to set you up so you don’t fail, kicking goals in and outside of the gym.


94% of people who try to lose weight without support and accountability fail and put on more weight. If that sounds like you, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

You are not alone anymore.

We pair you up with one of our body transformation coaches. Their job is to keep you accountable to the steps you need to take each day to achieve your goals. They are also your coach when you’re training and keep in contact with you between training sessions.

One of the biggest factors that contributes to success is accountability and focused support. When you know that someone has your back and is looking over you and supporting your every move, it is far easier to stick to the steps you need to take every day.


We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

The power of our community when combined with training gives you the tools to overcome challenges you face outside of the gym. Through common workouts, members share physical struggles and overcome them together.
Smashing a training session with other RF members creates a sense of empowerment, which then fuels even greater achievements.

Training by yourself is boring.

Our members are driven by those around them and each other. They inspire and motivate each other and go to new levels which they would otherwise never have achieved.

““Through passion and dedication this humble gym has evolved into an environment where friendships are formed, respect and encouragement are abundant…lives are changed-” Jane Callan, RF Member

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