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Flexible Nutrition That Fits Your Lifestyle!

At Results Fitness we don’t believe in restrictive diets, supplements, meal replacement shakes, magic pills or potions. We want your nutrition to be fun, and sustainable, that’s what makes it stick.

We want to keep you feeling full, while optimising your body’s ability to burn fat so you are not bloated, you are not hungry, and you have the energy you need to get the body of your dreams.

And there is nothing wrong with some chocolate or even a glass of wine, we promise.

NO Restrictive Diets

It seems there’s always a new celebrity backed diet trend that promises to help you lose weight, gain muscle, have more energy and achieve the unimaginable. Our goal at Results Fitness is to educate you and empower you to lead a healthier lifestyle so you achieve the body of your dreams, without feeling like you’re on a diet at all.

NO Cutting Out All Your Favourite Foods

RF nutrition has been carefully crafted to be flexible and to fit around your lifestyle and food preferences. We believe you should be able to enjoy a meal with loved ones, enjoy treats in moderation and without going off track. We also believe that when you plan to include these foods in your diet from day one, you don’t feel guilty when you have them because they’re part of your diet, rather than being banned from your diet.

RF Games

Did you know that when you train at Results Fitness, you’re giving back to those most in need?

We make sure that we hold a couple of events each year to raise money for charity. We have worked with Focus Ireland, Laura Lynn and most recently, Pieta House.

We raised €978 for Pieta House, who prevent suicide and self harm during our last RF Summer Games.

The RF Games is a fun packed day of team workouts, fun, socialising and of course, in aid of very good causes. Our community comes together twice a year for the RF Summer Games and the RF Winter Games to show their support and to help us make a difference to a variety of charities.

The workouts are team based, which we scale to the abilities of all our clients from those in their twenties to those in their sixties. Because we test and record our clients strength and fitness, we are able to organise the workouts and the teams, so everyone can enjoy the day and compete in evenly matched teams.

The atmosphere in the gym is incredible, which sees a unique mix of comradely, competition and of course, great fun.

537 quick and easy fat burning meal ideas

Learn how to make quick, easy meals using only a few basic ingredients from any supermarket. We make it easy to clean up your diet, reduce bloating, lose fat and tone up. You will gain instant access to exact meals over 3000 clients have eaten in their 28-Day Challenge to get results.


Learn what foods to eat for a healthier body

At Results Fitness, we believe any training program without an appropriate nutrition component will fail. Before our new 28-Day Challenge clients start training they attend a nutrition seminar in the gym. We help them make moderate changes to their current diet to lose fat, tone up and flatten their stomachs. They leave the seminar with a crystal-clear plan that they can stick to over their 28-Day Challenge and beyond.

We give you the tools you need to empower you to make a lasting change

At Results Fitness we understand the importance of making this new and exciting change in your life as simple and straightforward as possible when it comes to nutrition. We teach the fundamentals of building individual nutritional frameworks and educate our clients through seminars, webinars, plus much more. We want to inspire and empower you to work more effectively towards your goals inside and outside of the gym.

Why Choose Us?

We are not like any gym you have attended before. We are Ireland’s premier fat loss and body transformation facility and we are dedicated to helping you become the happiest, healthiest and strongest version of yourself, inside and outside of the gym. We promise to provide you with an enjoyable and challenging training experience, which focuses on building your strength and mobility. We want to empower you with new levels of strength and fitness so you can achieve your goals and be better equipped for life in general. Our unique 4-step body transformation formula on Training, Nutrition, Accountability and Support has been proven to help over 3000 clients so far. Theres a reason thousands have chosen us to help them achieve their goals and theres a reason were one of Irelands fastest growing gyms right now.

Your metabolism slows down with age

When you were in your teens, you may have been able to get away with eating poorly and doing little exercise and still remaining slim. Unfortunately this doesn’t last for most people. As you get older, your metabolism slows down meaning you burn less and less calories each day. Strength training becomes helps to increase your metabolism, as well as help with many other factors associated with ageing.

We maximise your return on investment

At Results Fitness we understand that you want to see the best return on your time and financial investment with your training and nutrition. Starting a training regime without a suitable nutrition protocol can lead to disappointing results, which is why our new 28-Day Challenge clients attend a nutrition seminar before they start training. They leave the seminar with a crystal clear plan that you can stick to, to achieve the body of your dreams and life changing results.