Academy Membership Terms & Conditions

The following are our general membership terms and conditions for our Academy program, which apply to all memberships in the Academy. Your membership contract will include other terms which are specific to your membership.


Membership Freezes

We have a separate freeze policy for memberships inside of their minimum contract period and outside of it.

Outside Contract Period (Bill-by-bill)
We do not offer freeze periods on memberships which are outside of their original contract period and are rolling on a bill-by-bill basis. We can however, offer you a freeze when you renew your membership and start a new contract. To process your freeze and renew your membership, just send us an email to [email protected] outlining the dates of your requested freeze. We will gladly process your freeze and renew your membership.

Inside Contract Period
We are delighted to to offer freeze periods to Academy clients who are within their contract period, for periods where you may be on holidays, sick, injured or otherwise away from the gym. You must provide written notification of your freeze outlining the dates of the freeze at least 14 days before the period requested to [email protected]. A backdated request cannot be made. Freezes can only be applied for full weeks from Monday to Sunday.

Academy Membership Freezes Available:
16 Week Contracts – 3 weeks
24 Week Contracts – 4 weeks
52 Week Contracts – 8 weeks

Freeze periods for all other memberships which are offered seasonally such as upfront payment deals are outlined in the offers terms and conditions.


Membership Cancellations

All memberships renew automatically unless you give notice of such cancellation by email to [email protected] at least 30 days from the next debit date.

Sean pays for his membership every 28 days, his last bill was 1st August and his next bill is 28 days later on 29th August. On the 13th August he submits his membership cancellation by providing us with 30 days notice by email. His bill on 29th August falls within the 30 day notice period and will be his final bill due. He will have access to training until 26th September.


Membership Queries

For all membership queries please email [email protected] or call us in the office on 015390841.

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 10-6pm
Closed on bank holidays and weekends