While we aren’t ones to buy into the panic we believe in creating a clean and safe environment for our clients to train in. We will never eliminate all bacteria or viruses from surfaces but there is plenty we can do to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and any other viruses and bacteria.

Here are our policies and procedures to do just that:

Wash Your Hands

Our toilets are equipped with antibacterial hand soap, hand dryers and signage that provide clear instructions on how to clean your hands effectively.

Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner

Our floors are mopped at least twice per day using a combination of the usual cleaning agents and a highly concentrated mix of Milton, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. We use the Miltons mix ratio that is recommended for sterile laboratory settings, which is far more concentrated than what you would use for a babies bottle for example.

Anti Bacterial Sprays

Our gym floors have Milton sprays and blue paper rolls available to wipe equipment before and after use.

Anti Bacterial Pressure Cleaning

Any surfaces which are likely to be touched at some point are sprayed with Milton and water using a pressurised spray which is designed for use over large areas. These areas can include door handles, walls, machines, weights, dumbbells and more.

Anti Bacterial Hand Wash

We have installed wall-mounted anti bacterial hand wash at the entrance to our gyms to allow clients disinfect their hands on entry and exit to the gym.

News and Updates

Update – 12/03/20
In an announcement today, Leo Varakar has recommended against indoor public gatherings over 100 or more people. From this week we have reduced the number of available bookings for sweat sessions by 25% in both gyms. While we never have anywhere near that number of people in either gym (normally about 10-25 max), we will continue to take measures above and beyond the recommended HSE guidelines to secure the safety of our clients and staff. The training schedule is exactly the same and all the same sessions are on. We have just reduced the number of people that can book in for the sweat sessions slightly to keep numbers in the gym low.

We will also continue to follow all guidelines issued by the HSE. As you know, we have put in place a broad range of measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and keep RF a clean and safe place for everyone. We strongly encourage anyone who feels sick to stay away from the gym (even if you don’t think its coronavirus) and we will remain open unless a closure of gyms is announced by the HSE.