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TOP 3 "HEALTHY FOODS" TO AVOID THAT CAN CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN Supermarkets can be a confusing place. The health food aisle is the worst and couldn't be more misleading.Learn how to spot the fake health foods and what my top 3 fake health foods are http://po.st/mfp

Geplaatst door Results Fitness op Woensdag 23 augustus 2017

If you’re reading this im guessing you now know you cant out train a bad diet?

Everything that you have heard about nutrition being the most important aspect when it comes to body transformation, is true. That’s why at RF we want to empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to food.

We follow the mantra of flexible dieting, and eating to fit your macros.

What are Macros? Protein, Carbs and Fats. There we go, lesson one.

Further lessons will come in the form of, nutritional coaches, building individual frameworks, seminars, weekly workshops, plus much more. We want to set you up so you don’t fail, kicking goals in and outside of the gym.

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