A Proven, Step-By-Step
Formula to Lose Fat and
Gain Confidence
In Just 28 Days



A Proven, Step-By-Step
Formula to Lose Fat and Gain
Confidence In Just 28 Days




What we do best! Effective training done in an effective way. Why spend 2 hours in the gym or hours of classes when you can get amazing changes in 45 minutes?

We bring all the benefits of personal training into an affordable group training system. We focus with training is on strength and teach you the correct form to get stronger and achieve your goals.


You can’t out train a bad diet. If you’ve ever done a program that came without a nutritional component, you have probably been frustrated with the results. To change your physique, you need a tailored nutrition plan.

Our training programs come with customized nutritional guidelines so that you get the best out of your workouts and out of your body. We teach you how and what to eat to support your goals and show you how to add in your favourite foods so you can stick to your plan.


Did you know you’re the average of the five people around you most?

When you join RF, you join our family and our community of like-minded people.

We assign you one our trainers as your own accountability coach. They’re the most positive and inspiring coaches in the industry and actually care about you and your goals.


Training, health and fitness teams from your RF Family

3 Proven Steps to Losing 10 Pounds of Fat

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“I started with Results Fitness on their 28 day transformation challenge a few months back. I had tried every bootcamp, class and gym membership around and had never enjoyed exercise or seen the results i wanted.

After just over 4 weeks, I dropped 18 pounds and 15cm from around my waist!

The trainers, the buzz in the gym and the feeling i have both after sessions and when i can fit into all my own clothes has me hooked! I’m here nearly a year now and im never leaving :)”


*Disclaimer – results may vary from person to person, depending on overall levels of effort and dedication.

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