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“2 weeks in and I can honestly say I already notice a difference in my strength, fitness and in my body. Coaches are fantastic and easily find work arounds for injuries, ensuring you can still push yourself. Really enjoying the training. Hopefully the wedding dress will need to be taken in at the next fitting!” * Michelle R

“Within a few weeks of starting I realised it was much more than that! RF offers an environment that is supportive, challenging and great craic! Each week brings a new mile stone, a stronger weight or an extra rep! You are constantly improving! If you are thinking of joining Results Fitness I’d say go for it! You might not be able to walk BUT you DEFINATELY won’t be disappointed.” * Caroline G

“I chose to train with Results Fitness because after losing 5 stone I felt it was more about toning up than weight loss. I had heard strength training was the best way to do this and I’m really glad I decided to join because I’ve really notice a big difference in my body, especially my legs and arms. It’s the first exercise program I’ve seen viable result with. My focus used to be on the scales, always about dropping pounds and while I haven’t lost pounds on the scale I do now own a pair of size 6 jeans!! If you’re thinking of joining, just do it. You’ll feel strong, energised and find muscles in places they didn’t know they had them!!” * Rachel B


Congratulations to Gail who has won our member of the month award for March.

Gail has been with us for 2 years.

She’s a valued part of our 5.45am crew and recently trained through her latest pregnancy.

Shes an inspiration to any young mums out there who may struggle to find the time to train. Her secret is to train at 5.45am and be back home before the kids wake up 🙂





How Did You First Get Started With Results Fitness?

I returned to work after having my first child (Lachlan) in October 2014 and as soon as winter arrived I found myself struggling to get out and exercise as often as I was on maternity leave.

I stopped breastfeeding in March 2015 and as I was no longer needing the extra calories I was consuming the pounds started piling on.

We wenton our first family holiday at the end of April 2015 and I was so unhappy with how I looked. I think it was about this time that I started trawling the internet for help. I saw an advert on the internet for the Results Fitness 28 Challenge and I was feeling so depressed with how I looked and I wanted to enjoy the upcoming summer months (I was so ashamed I was still wearing my maternity clothes to work).


Everybody would tell me not to worry, the weight would fall off but it just wasn’t.


Then I met Phil 🙂



How Long Have You Been With Results Fitness?

I’ve been here 2 years. I trained right through my second pregnancy until about 37 weeks and then I think I returned to it 10 weeks after the birth of my second child (Riley).

Around 18 months I guess.



What Have You Done In The Past?

After my first pregnancy I tried to return to my local gym or use the work gym but I never really knew how to keep my program ticking along and only achieved minimal success.

Before my wedding in 2012 I attended Educogym and while I some short-term results, it was quick and therefore it just didn’t stick.

I used to do spinning once or twice a week and I loved this but it was just getting harder to get away in the evenings (especially after returning to work) as I had to put my “Mum Hat” on as soon as I left the office and do Mum stuff

I had only ever used weights machines in the gyms and whilst the weights were increasing I never felt “strong for real”.

Does that make sense?

Now I know when it is just me and the bar that I can actually squat those weights and the same for deadlift and bench.

I was a real outdoors person before having kids and hubby and I used to go mountain biking a good bit but it is just not possible to sustain this lifestyle with the kiddos being so young.



Describe Your First Workout?


Ha, first of all I am so not a morning person!

I think I am still surprised that I managed to get out of bed for the 6.00 am class. Niall Boon was taking the early

mornings when I started and then Sean joined the team.

Both Niall and Sean made me feel really welcome and the lads were so bright for that hour of the morning.

When I started, it was funny, I was nearly always the first one in the door every morning and Niall used to joke that if I wasn’t there by the time the class was about to start he would cancel it and send everyone out to look for me.

At the morning classes everyone is about as social as you can be at 6.00 am in the morning, we exchange bleary eyed pleasantries all while probably wishing we were back in our beds (especially on those winter mornings), everyone just makes you feel so welcome.


Its great having such good trainers to turn your day around and start you off on the winning way.

Like I said, I was so not a morning person but now I just love the way I feel after training and it sets me up for the whole day. There is no slump in the afternoon or excuses after the work day is done because my exercise has already been done and I’m free to enjoy my evening.



What Sort of Changes Have You Seen In Your Body, Health and Fitness Since Joining?

I really enjoy training first thing in the morning.

It really sets me up for the day and it is a great feeling knowing at the end of a long day at work that you have already met your exercise goals.

I find on the days that I go to gym my mobility and flexibility is so much better.

The feeling of achievement you get after each test week seeing your numbers rise or even seeing the pounds fall away without losing muscle is so gratifying.

I love the sessions, there is so much variety and I just love having someone there to push you along.

If your trainer thinks you are lifting too light, they just drop another set of dumbbells by you.

One of the biggest thrills for me is that I feel “real” strong.

I mean there is no assistance from a machine, no padding, it’s just me and the weights.

I love seeing my numbers soar and I’m really competitive with myself to do better each week.

One of my favourite Gentlebirth affirmations is “I can do anything for a minute” and I always try and take this attitude into my Results Fitness sessions.



What Is Your Favourite Exerciset and Why?

I love Deadlifts the most.

I don’t know why, I’m kind of just good at them (ha ha).

They are the one lift I’ve always had good form with and the high numbers are really motivational.

I’ve been working really hard lately on my bench, I have always had half decent numbers but they just don’t look as impressive as the other lifts.

I want those really toned arms with no bingo wings!

One of my ultimate goals would be to do an unassisted pull up. I hope I will get there one day.

I’ve struggled on and off with my form on the squat but I’m continually making improvements to this. I think it has really helped working with Ross and using the core and visual techniques he has taught us.

I really think squats made such a difference to my body during my pregnancy.



Congratulations to Oran who has won our member of the month award for February.

Throughout his 6 months here, hes rebuilt his strength and movement after a battle with cancer 18 months ago.

He’s learnt to lift, got seriously strong and completely changed his physique in the process.

Hes always a joy to train and gives it 110% every session!

Awesome work man! Delighted for you!

How Did You First Get Involved With Results Fitness?

A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook to the 28 Day Transformation Challenge and I decided to sign up for it.

What Did You Think About The 28 Day Transformation Challenge?
I thought it was really good, I wasn’t actually going to continue with Results Fitness. My idea beforehand was to just to do the 28 days because it was really good value for money. But then I saw how good it was in here and I decided to carry on.

How Long Have You Been With RF?
About 6 months now.

What Have You Done In The Past?
Not much really, I had signed up to a commercial gym in the area a couple of months before I joined Results Fitness, but I wasn’t really getting the results I wanted. 18 months ago when I was diagnosed with cancer I needed to turn my life around and get a lot healthier afterword and focus more on diet and good nutrition and get back in shape.

What’s The Biggest Change For You Since Then?
Definitely the nutrition, the education I’ve gotten here on nutrition has definitely been the most beneficial.

Describe Your First Workout?
My first session was with Loren, and I didn’t have a clue what to do. Haha. But she was really good and she showed me exactly how to do everything. It wasn’t terrifying but I didn’t realise it was going to be programmed and layed out like that. It was good when I got into it. I wasn’t sore afterwards, but my cardio was killer. The chemo entirely resets your ability to do cardio so I zero energy. I wasn’t able to lift that heavy so I wasn’t straining my muscles but I heaving and curled up in a ball on the floor a few times.

I remember I had you in one of your first sessions and you were fairly out on your feet, and look how far you’ve come.

What Are You Squatting? 90kg for Reps?
It’s actually 110kg excuse me.

What Sort of Changes Have You Seen In Your Body, Health and Fitness Since Joining?
As I said 18 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer, a year ago I was halfway through chemo and recovering from surgery, so I’ve seen some serious drastic changes really. My cardio and energy levels have gone up massively from training and nutrition. I have a ton more strength and definition, more than I’ve had in about a decade. The difference is pretty impressive.

Whats Your Favorite Exercise and Why?
Deadlift, my squat is the same weight as my deadlift but it’s so much more satisfying when I’m deadlifting and just getting into beast mode (don’t put that into the article please)

What Bit of Advice Would You Give to Someone That is Starting with RF?
Commit to the nutrition advice and give it your best shot


How Long Have You Been With Results Fitness?

Just shy of 3 months.

What Have You Done In The Past?

Last year before my baby I was in a commercial gym. 3 months after I had my baby I went back to the gym but it wasn’t suiting me because it doesn’t start until 8 am. I did some classes in Bray with kettlebells before, but ive never had a personal trainer in Dublin and never done anything like this.

How Did You Hear About Results Fitness?

Chi, a friend of mine, is here and she said you start at 6 am. I said I’d do that cause I’m always awake early in the morning”

So Tell Us About Yourself?

Oh Sugar! I’m Philma, and I’m 31 years old. I have 2 children a 6 year old and a 6 month old baby, I’m a married full time Mammy. I was a size 14 after the baby, after 3 months I got down to a size 12. Then in September I joined Results Fitness, after 8 weeks training I was a size 8.

Why Did You Wait Until Now To Join, What Was Your Main Reason To Start Training?

I started training because I needed to start socilising more and to meet new people here. After you have a baby you can get depressed, so this has helped me a lot to avoid depression. Especially because I train in the morning, I have loads of energy (after the training sessions) I can do everything, after dropping Jack to school I have tons of time and energy to go meet my friends and spend time doing things. It’s amazing what it does for your energy, like after a workout in here my husband would say “You never go asleep during the day?” I’d tell him I can’t go asleep, I’m too full of energy. I’m so full of energy all day, my energy levels don’t get low till around 7:30pm.

Why Did You Choose To Train With RF?

I heard from my friend Chi, it’s tough training and I wanted to start doing some personal training in Dublin and wanted to train with a buddy. You see the good results straight away. I seen the way her shoulders got from training with Results Fitness, and I just had to tell her “Oh my God! You’re so sexy”

Whats Your Current Goal?

I want to be 18% body fat, but as well as that my goal is to always have the same level of energy I have during the day at the moment.

Are You Making Progress Towards It?

Oh yeah! I’m not messing my son he had a funny experience. I always had a baby tummy after I had him and he would always say “Mammy you have a flappy tummy” and he saw me now and he said “Mam where’s that gone?

Day To Day How Has Training With RF Helped You?

Apart from the energy, picking up my kids is not that hard. They’re so much lighter than what I lift in the gym. In the night time I dance with my baby to help her sleep, and I can go for 30 minutes no problem, I feel like she’s very light. I can even do it with my son as well, me and him would do push ups and sit ups together, showing him the healthy ways.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Thinking Of Joining RF?

“For the mum like me, just get going, get up early in the morning because it’ll pay off what you’re doing. Waking up early in the morning and getting your training done gives you time in the day and you will see the result in no time. I started to see results after 2 weeks”

Thanks a mill for coming in Philma, looking forward to seeing what comes next

*Disclaimer – results may vary from person to person, depending on overall levels of effort and dedication.
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