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Why Lifting Heavy Burns Fat 💪

Why Lifting Heavy Burns Fat 💪Have you been doing the same old routine for ages and not seen results? Heres how to fix that for better results in 2017

Geplaatst door Results Fitness op Donderdag 29 december 2016

Training should be accessible to everyone and we certainty make that possible with effective and fun training sessions. These are not classes; classes are random and spuratic activity done without an end goal. Our training programs are built to help you get stronger, fitter, more mobile and generally better at any physical activity. This is what we have built our reputation on.

The foundation of our successful training programs are based on strength work.

You NEED to lift weights.

That’s why at RF we ensure that from beginners who haven’t lifted a weight before to advanced lifters who looking to set personal bests lifts.

Technique is everything, you have to earn the ability to lift, and from this you then earn the ability to lift heavier. We teach you in a non intimidating environment, with world class equipment, and world class body transformation coaches.

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